Top consultant. Lawyer. Legislator. Non-profit Founder. Advocate.

Title of Coaching Session: How to Win Millions Bidding on Government Contracts

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Title of Coaching Session: "Learn how living a settle free life can change your life in 10 easy steps."

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Robin May

Ellakisha S. O'Kelley, Esq.

Title of Coaching Session:  Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

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Kimberly Graver


Patricia Hayes

Heather Maxfield, VP of Government Relations for the Technology Association of GA (Bio)

Meet Our Lunch "Wonder Women" Panelists

Trelles Delandro

Barbara Hopkins

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Veronica Maldanado-Torres, Inspirational Speaker- D.R.I.V.E.N Business & Life  (Bio)

Gladys Agwai

Title of Coaching Session: Where are the Women Innovators & Inventors in Technology? Wonder Women get in formation to learn the where, who, what, why and how in a short order.

Jody Rogers,

​Conference Co-Coordinator

Title of Coaching Session: “Four Strategies to Develop Authentic Professional Relationships that Last”
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Tinzley Bradford

Title of Coaching Session:

 "OWN THE ROOM: The Top 3 Ways to Make Your Presence Known Through Image & Style"
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Meet Our Coaches

Shaquanna Chapelle
Rabia Shirazi

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Katerina Taylor, 1st female President of the DeKalb Chamber (Bio)

Title of Coaching Session:

Untapped Goldmine!  Unlock Your Inner CEO in 5 Easy Steps

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Title of Coaching Session: "Bringing the Brilliance to Your Business: Transforming Pain into Your Ultimate Gain"

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Title of Coaching Session: Why the Hell Not?
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Title of Coaching Session: 4 The Sport of Life: Woman Attacking Barriers With a Hurdler's Mindset While Competing In Any Field (Risks, Reasons, Resiliency, Rewards)​
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Title of Coaching Session: Burst In the Man Cave: the 5 Keys to Networking With Men
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Raven Solomon

Title of Coaching Session: The Sunshine Method: How To Start Your Own Talk Show

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Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell

Regina Sunshine Robinson
Shawna Johnson
Dina Marto, Owner of Twelve Music & Studios (Bio)

Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group 

The Diversity Activist

"Diversity Through Action"

WWCC Sponsor

Denise Branch

Title of Coaching Session:
The Stealth Woman- Secrets to Excelling in Male Dominated Markets


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Title of Coaching Session:​ Reclaiming Your Story


Tina Greer

Title of Coaching Session: Lean-in, Woman-up! 3 Strategies to Thrive In the Corporate Testosterone Haze

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Title of Coaching Session: Mastering the Art of Love and Money: Financial Success in Dating and Marriage. The Secrets to becoming a Power Couple.

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Wonder Women Confidence Conference

Title of Coaching Session: Embrace the COUTURE L.I.F.E. 

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Wendy Woolfolk

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LaKeshia Hester

Title of Coaching Session: Iron Sharpens Iron


Soon Mee Kim,Global Diversity & Inclusion Leader with Porter Novelli (Bio)

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