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Presentations & Trainings

(Let us provide insight on a particular diversity topic by...)

  • Contributing or moderating a panel discussion on diversity
  • Becoming a key note speaker on a particular diversity topic
  • Providing a presentation or training to a small or large group of individuals on diversity issues and "best practices"

Vision Statement: To increase diversity (1) in public policy decisions by electing and supporting diverse political leaders and creating more diversity in public policy influencers closer to local and national demograhic make up AND (2) in business decisions by increasing prepared individuals for service on public corporate boards and in officer positions by 25% over the next 5 years and by creating powerful groups that aggregate capital to create influence through partnership coordination, program and initiative planning, presentations and trainings and research and development.

Service Offerings

Research & Development
(Let us get the FACTS you need by...)

  • Providing in depth analysis of your particular subject of research
  • Researching your particular issue and providing a memo overview
  • Publishing a "white paper" based on verified academic research

​​Partnership Coordination​(Let us connect you with the right people and organizations by...)

  • Finding you the right connection for YOUR diversity goals
  • Facilitating negotiations amongst partners to deliver a satisfied Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Managing the partnership relationship after the MOU has been signed

Consulting Services 

Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group 

The Diversity Activist

"Diversity Through Action"

What are our fees?  

It depends on the results that you want from the project.

Why aren't fee ranges posted?

Because we want to get to know your specific needs so we can give an accurate quote. Fill out the form on the right, bottom.

Do you charge by the hour?

Yes and No. For certain projects,  we charge flat, all inclusive fees per consulting project. For purely consulting services where we are not involved in execution, we charge per hour.

Where can I get a preliminary quote of your fees?

​By filling out the form on the right bottom of the page. Someone will contact you to obtain more information before finalizing the quote.

Do we consult on events, initiatives and programs that we do NOT help implement?

Yes. Rates are $200-$350.00 an hour. 20% discount for non-profits.

Program & Initiative Planning​(Let us pull off a successful program for you by...)

  • Drafting the overall goals, objectives and benchmarks of your program or initiative​
  • Identifying the RIGHT program participants to make your program or initiative successful
  • Executing identified programs and initiatives with your team