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​​"For Profit" Corporate Board Training Program- #BeAtTheTable Initiative

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RFPs (Request for Partnerships)

The Problem: Not enough women and POC (people of color) on public corporate boards (Source)

Solution: A comprehensive 6 month training and experience program (See RFP)

Ideal Partner: An organization with strong corporate connections based or with a significant presence in Atlanta and a base interested in economic parity initiatives and programs

The partners that we work with for initiatives and programs have EXCLUSIVITY, meaning we don't work with any other organization on a particular initiative or program.

My passion is driven by the legacy and collaborative efforts of Dr. King. What many people fail to realize is that Dr. King was an economic justice advocate as much as he was a social justice advocate. (You will recall the first boycott in Alabama was a boycott against segregated buses, which had an economic impact that led to social changes.)

We all owe it to those that went before us to fight for justice for EVERYONE, but particularly for minorities which includes racial minorities and women. I hope that you will join me in this fight. I won't stop if you don't.

The Problem: Access to capital for minority and women businesses is hard (Source)

Solution: Creating your own Angel Investor Group in from your own community of family, friends and associates (See RFP)

Ideal Partner: An organization or group of people with high net worth or high annual income

Below are "open" requests for partnerships for which we are seeking exclusive partners. Please email me if interested in any at for more details.

Angel Investor Group- "Angels In the Community" Initiative