We provide "hands on" consulting services to organizations that want to promote diversity in business and government decisions. 

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Driving Diversity

The "Givers" Circle

If you are passionate about diversity in business and government decisions, join the "Givers" circle of volunteers and paid professionals to help further the KAAG mission. (Also if you have venue space to donate.)

Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group 

Top consulting services

"Driving Diversity in Decisions"

Top consultant. Lawyer. Legislator. Non-profit Founder. Black Enterprise Contributor. Advocate.


Vision Statement: To increase diversity (1) in public policy decisions by electing and supporting leaders and advocates with diversity in thought closer to the national population AND (2) in business decisions by increasing diversity on public corporate boards and in officer positions by 25% over the next 5 years and creating powerful groups that have aggregate funding to create influence through partnership coordination, program and initiative planning, presentations and trainings and research and development. Check out our RFPs (Request for Partnerships).

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July 25th Signature Event

July 18th- "Interest Call" for GA Path Program

First Ever Georgia Blacks in Tech Policy Conference (November 2017. Stay tuned. More information....

July 12th- Call to discuss Black Venture Capital Fund

Your donation of $25, $50 or $100 allows KAAG to provide FREE or LOW COST events and initiatives to minorities, including women. 

July 5th- Givers Circle Meet Up