Theresa Davis

This is a program for minorities and women interested in governmental affairs CAREERS (You may call them "lobbyists"). This is specifically for those that do NOT want to run for office but those that want to ADVOCATE for a cause more than part time.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a government sanctioned program or in any way connected to my legislative office. This is a PRIVATE, NON-PARTISAN program.

The Who?

  • Lawyers or law students that don't want to practice law
  • Activists that don't want to run for office
  • Activists that want to lobby more than part time
  • Current elected officials who think they need a "refresher" or inquisitive

The Why?

  • Low presence of women and POC under the Gold Dome; largest black caucus; good number of women. The numbers don't add up.
  • Lots of "run for office" programs and "advocate for your issue" programs but the GAP is here----not wanting to run for office but wanting to advocate more than part time.


  • Exposure ("Day in the life of....")
  • Opportunity ("What types of opportunities for lobbying are there?)
  • Connecting (Relationships)

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Duration: 7 months (October-April) 
Applications open: August 1st-August 31st
Selection of Inaugural Class: By Sept. 6th

Breka Tinch

Time commitment

Internal Meetings- Every 2nd Saturday starting in January  from 9:30-12 pm EXCEPT workshops

​*See preliminary schedule below.

Participation Fees

Amount: $499 per participant

Minimum/Max: 30 participants 

Due: October 1st

NO REFUNDS if 20 participants pay by deadline.

Event Space Sponsor 
(for all workshops and classes)

Tracy Neal

Cassandra Kirk

The Goal

Expose more adult women and minorities to careers in Georgia in Governmental Affairs or "lobbying"

Cheri-Elyse Lawrence

Roderick Cunningham

Total Count of Governmental Affairs Professionals Signed Up to be Mentors:


Kadedra Caldwell

Preliminary Schedule (Location: Georgia Nurses Association)​​

  • November 14th at 6 pm- Workshop No. 2: Ethics- Learn the written and unwritten ethical rules of Governmental Affairs
  • December 12th at 6 pm- Workshop No. 3: Advocacy in Action. Learn what it takes to be a great Governmental Affairs advocate
  • January 13th, 9:30 am-12 pm- Class Meeting
  • January 17th at 9:30 am- 12 pm- Capitol Scavenger Hunt to learn Capitol complex
  • February 10th, 9:30 am-12 pm- Class meeting
  • February (choose any day)- Assignment: Getting a majority of legislators to "sign off" on an issue
  • March 10th, 9:30 am-12 pm- Class Meeting
  • March (TBD- Sine Die)- "The Longest Mile" (with matched mentor) ALL day 
  • April 14th, 9:30 am-12 pm- Class meeting
  • April 25th at 6 pm (TBD)- Celebration Ceremony with Family and Friends

How do you attend?

  1. Contact one of the class members below OR
  2. Become an Associate Member (with access to ALL classes and the GA Path Manual)
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To Become An Associate Member...

  1. Pay fees for "Associate Member"(see link above)
  2. Download, print, sign and scan back this MOU to

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Introducing the Inaugural  GA Path Program Class of 2017

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