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Business Legal Series:

Be About Your Biz

Join us with the mission of DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS and COLLABORATING. You will only benefit if you show up CONSISTENTLY.

Next Meeting: Sept. 19th at 5:30 pm

1st Ever "Blacks in Tech" Policy Conference
SAVE THE DATE: Nov. 8th at the Georgia State Capitol

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(Part of the DarshunSpeaks Series)

SAVE THE DATE- Sept. 13th, 6- 8 PM (The Purple Corkskew)

​Limited Tickets: 50 tickets @ $55.00 (before 8/24), $65.00 (after 8/24)

  • 3 tickets for 3 wine glasses

Limited Sponsorships ($250.00)

  • ​Early arrival entrance
  • ​1 additional ticket
  • Reserved seating & parking
  • Information on all material related to event
  • 3 minute speaking pitch at beginning
  • Mentioned in closing remarks

More information coming soon! Topics include:

  • Debt or Equity?: Steps to Putting Together Your Financing Strategy
  • How You Can Raise $5MM under Georgia's Crowdfunding Laws
  • Federal Crowdfunding: The Do's and Don't for Companies & Crowdfunding Portals
  • Top 10 Business Contract Terms You Should Know
  • STOP! Things to Consider Before You Make Your First Hire 
  • Dispute Resolution: Happy Investor, Happy Semester.
  • Taking Jay-Z's Advice and Leaving a Legacy
  • Intelligent Tips for Handling Your Intellectual Property 
  • What's the Difference Between Partnerships vs. Joint Ventures?
  • Throwing the Best Pitch [to Investors and others] 

 Discussion with Special VIP Guest: The Role of Media in Promoting Diversity