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August 8th- Monthly Givers' Circle MeetUp

August 15th- GA Path "Meet & Greet"

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July 22nd- KAAG opens up ticket sales for the 1st DarshunSpeaks series "Wine & Discussion with Frank Ski" on the media's role in promoting diversity. Learn more....

June 28th- KAAG announces the Planning Committee for the 1st ever Georgia Blacks in Tech Policy Conference Nov. 8th. More information...

***Featured Announcement***

July 25th Signature Event- Capital Raising & Growth Strategies for Minorities & Women Owned Companies

July 12th- KAAG announces updated quarterly sponsorship opportunities.


​We provide "hands on" consulting services to organizations that want to promote diversity in business and government decisions. 

We also curate original programs and initiatives to actively promote diversity in the community.

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Tickets are now on sale for Sept. 13th "Wine & Discussion with Frank Ski" on the role of media in promoting diversity

More information here.....

The "Givers" Circle

If you are passionate about diversity in business and government decisions, join the "Givers" circle of volunteers and paid professionals to help further the KAAG mission. (Also if you have venue space to donate.)

*Each event/initiative has its own sponsorship levels so click on page to learn more.

July 17th- KAAG announces new 10 class, online legal business series. Read more....